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Funding Criteria

Central Lakes Trust only funds charitable projects. To qualify, applications must relate to one of the following four areas before the Trust can consider it for funding. These are defined as:

  • Relief of Poverty - the purpose must be directed at the relief of the poor, in need, aged, and weak, disabled, mentally ill, or suffering genuine hardship.
  • Advancement of Religion - the purpose must be for the benefit of a religion and aim to pass on the relevant religious faith to others. This includes building, maintaining and restoring churches, but excludes maintenance of graves or tombs unless they are on church grounds.
  • Advancement of Education - the purpose must provide some form of education and ensure learning is passed on to others. This includes formal education, training and research in specific areas of study and expertise. It also includes less formal education in the development of individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding. It does not include propagandist or political activities.
  • Other purposes beneficial to the community - this must satisfy the requirement that the purpose benefits the public. The purpose must be charitable, affordable and easily accessible for the general public. Generally this includes emergency services (volunteer fire brigades and ambulance services), public recreational facilities, parks and museums.

Please note: Not all organisations that have purposes that benefit the community will be charitable. The purposes must benefit the community in a way which the law regards as charitable.

Recreational Facilities
Recreational facilities, as provided for by Section 61(A) of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, are also eligible. This includes facilities for recreation or other leisure-time occupation, if the facilities are provided in the interests of social welfare. The definition of social welfare is central to charitable eligibility, therefore the organisation's purposes must be considered to be for the public benefit. The application must satisfy the following requirements before it is eligible for charitable funding: 

  • The organisation's constitution states that its purpose is recreational rather than sporting;
  • The facilities must be accessible to members of the public at large;
  • The facilities need to be provided with the purposes of improving the conditions of life for those for whom the facilities are primarily intended;
  • Those people have need of the facilities because of their youth, age, infirmity, disability, poverty, race, occupation, or social or economic circumstances.

Central Lakes Trust's Funding Objectives

The Trust has adopted the following funding objectives provided charitable criteria is met:

  • Arts and Culture
    To support creative projects and organisations that aim to foster access to, engagement with and experience in the arts.
  • Education
    To support projects that facilitate improved educational outcomes for people in our region by adding value to the sector, with a focus on innovative projects and lifelong learning. 
  • Heritage & Environment
    To support projects and organisations that preserve and promote the physical and cultural heritage of our region and that protect and enhance the environment in which we live.
  • Recreation and Sport
    To support organisations that focus on community participation and engagement in recreation. Targeted support will be provided for those organisations that are aiming to increase participation of people of all ages.
  • Welfare and Health
    To support and strengthen community organisations which address social problems or improve health outcomes for the people in our region. This includes the advancement of religion. 

Central Lakes Trust Region

Area covered by the Trust - Eligibility
The Trust's region is the same geographical area as Central Electric Limited's former Network Supply area. Organisations are only eligible for a grant if the project or services directly benefit the community within this region.

Grant Eligibility

The Trust provides a "helping hand" to organisations and groups which service a need in the community.  This need must be "charitable" (in its legal sense), which means an organisation or project must be related to welfare, education or religious activities, or have a purpose which is beneficial to the community.

Central Lakes Trust can only provide funding to organisations which are registered with the Department of Internal Affairs Charities Services, or legally classified as a School, Church or Territorial Local Authority. 

Prior to completing an application form, please discuss your project or service with a CLT staff member on 0800 00 11 37 or 03 445 9958 to ensure that your organisation and project or service meets the Trust's eligibility criteria. 


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