Central Otago Friendship Network

 “Good News Story” 2018

The highlight for us over the reporting period is the way that two of our groups in Alexandra have developed supportive friendships within the groups.  With our Monday ladies one member now phone another member who has dementia every day for a chat.  They also arrange to go out for coffee and visit each other’s homes.  This friendship has grown over time and is very special as both have moved to Alexandra in their mid to late 80s to be near family so don’t know a lot of people in the area.  The other group that also has extra friendships developing is our Thursday Cuppa group.  This group has a couple of volunteers that help with transporting people around.  The volunteers meet up with some of the members between group outings; also speak regularly on the phone.  Some of the members are visiting each other and also making regular phone calls.  It is hard to put into words the difference this has made in people lives; in some cases we have noticed an improvement in the health and wellbeing of the members.  This is our greatest wish that our groups would have this outcome.