Grant Types

Project Grants

Project Grants:

Projects are time bound, one-off activities that have a specific budget. The project plan section of our application process is tailored to the type and scale of your project in the following key categories:

  • Events

  • Facility upgrade or construction

  • Equipment/Materials/Vehicles

  • Capacity Development

  • Strategic Planning and Research


Programme Grants

Programme Grants:

Programme grants support the delivery of a new (pilot) service or planned series of events that is a component of the broader work undertaken by the organisation.

Central Lakes Trust prioritise programmes that focus on life-long learning and community development initiatives that have high impact and meet our specific funding priorities.

Operational Grants

Operational Grants:

Operational grants are generally aligned to organisations that deliver social services directly to the community, with measurable social outcomes. Central Lakes Trust may consider supporting organisations other than social services if the outcomes have a high or wide-reaching impact in our region.

These grants provide support to the core purpose of the organisation, as a contribution to its total annual operating budget.

Impact Approach:

Central Lakes Trust supports groups to deliver valuable and measurable outcomes in the community. We prioritise grants to activities and organisations that achieve high impact in people’s lives, or have a wide community reach.

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