Handy Tips for the Portal 

  • Using Google Chrome as your internet browser is recommended.

  • Be careful not to use the back button to navigate as it will take you out of our portal and you will have to log back in.

  • Save your work regularly, as the forms do not auto-save.

  • When you have completed your editing, always ‘Save’ before returning to the main page.

  • Only ‘Submit’ when your application is complete. Once you ‘Submit’, you will no longer be able to edit.

  • If you are associated with multiple organisations, please use the login details associated with that particular organisation.

  • When we have updates for you, a notification icon will appear next to the area with an update waiting.

  • Click on this icon undefined at the bottom of the menu to log out or change your password.

  • Check your junk mail for email notifications from our system, these will come from centrallakestrust@fluxx.io <do-not-reply.grants07-us-east-1@fluxx.io>