Required Information for Registration

To complete your organisation’s registration in our online system, you will need to have the following information handy:

  • Charities Services Registration number / Education Institution Number (if applicable)

  • Registered / Legal name

  • Trading name

  • Mission / purpose

  • Organisation’s Bank Account Name and Number

  • GST Number (if applicable)

  • Date organisation was formed

  • Financial year end date

  • Accounting requirements (e.g. audited, reviewed or compiled)

  • Name and contact details for two people in your organisation

Required Documentation for Grant Applications

The following documents are required to accompany grant applications. Please ensure you upload these documents with your application.

Project / Programme Plan - if relevant

Project Quotes - if relevant

Bank Statement/ Deposit Slip

  • A scanned copy of a bank deposit slip or bank statement as proof of bank account details


  • Financial statements from the previous financial year (prepared/reviewed/audited, as required by your organisation) OR income and expense accounts if operating for less than 12 months

  • A copy of the profit and loss report and current balance sheet for the financial year to date, or the previous financial year if you are less than 6 months into the current year


  • A copy of the minutes (draft or final) of your organisation's most recent Annual General Meeting

  • A copy of your organisation's most recent Annual/President's/Chairperson's Report

  • Signed resolution or certified extract from the minutes of a meeting confirming your organisation's resolution to apply to Central Lakes Trust for funds, including the amount being applied for. This must be signed by two principal office bearers of your organisation


  • A detailed copy of the project or operational budget

Other possible additional supporting documents:

  • Letters of support

  • Strategic or annual plans

  • Data or statistics

  • Correspondence from other organisations consulted or collaborated with