The Grant Process



Determine if you meet our criteria

> See What we fund to ensure you meet our eligibility criteria prior to calling. If you don't meet our criteria, you might find you align to other funders priorities and you are welcome to use our resource section for tools that may help you shape your application. 



Call us to enquire

> Give us a call to chat through your ideas and tell us about your organisation. Our team will be happy to answer any initial queries you have.

You may wish to refer to our Design Process guideline  in the resource section of this website. This provides advice and suggested steps in the project or programme design and planning process, aligned to our application requirements. Following these steps can help to build a strong case for your application.



Online organisation registration

> In order to apply for funding, your organisation must be registered in our online system. You will need to complete an online form with your organisations details. This information is stored for future applications and can be updated later if those details change.

You will also be provided with a user account that gives you access to your Grantee Portal, allowing you to make applications and manage your grants for the organisations you represent.



Online pre-application 

> When you are ready to start the grant application process, you will need to submit a short pre-application online.

Our grants team will then call you to discuss the details of your project or programme and explain our application process relevant to the scope of your request.



Project Plan

For relevant grant requests (generally for larger applications), the main component of our application is a Project or Programme Plan. This document, completed in MS Word, outlines the details and purpose of your project and is designed to be your case for funding. It can become a resource for you to use beyond this application.

Our team will provide you with the appropriate template, tailored to your organisation and project/programme, and we can give you advice and feedback as you prepare it. You can find an example of our project plan templates in the resource section of this website. 



Final application submission

> When your plan is ready, let us know and we will invite you to submit your final application online. You will upload your plan, other required documents, and complete a few questions specific to your Central Lakes Trust grant request.

We are here to help at any point through this process, please contact us. You can take as long as you like to work on the application by saving it in the online system, and when it is ready, submit it to us.



Application Assessment

> Allow three months from the time of submitting your application for a final decision.

Please note: We do not fund retrospectively, so we cannot provide funds for any cost that has been incurred prior to the grant start date.



Grant Application Outcomes

> The outcomes of your grant application will be communicated to you promptly after it is assessed at the relevant Trustee meeting

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