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Making our community a better place to be

Central Lakes Trust provides funding to charitable causes in our region. Our funding focuses on the following sectors:

Children enjoying a colour run

Lifelong Learning​

To support projects and programmes that facilitate improved learning outcomes for people in our region by adding value to the sector, with a focus on community development and lifelong learning.

A participant taking a photo during a photography course

Community Wellbeing

To support and strengthen community organisations that address social problems or improve health outcomes for the people in our region.

A young boy smiling happily on top of a horse
Young boy fascinated by sheep shearing

Community Recreation

To support organisations that focus on community participation and engagement in recreation.

Targeted support will be provided for those organisations that are aiming to increase participation of people of all ages.

Two young children playing

Arts & Culture

To support creative projects and organisations that aim to foster access to, engagement with, and experience in, the arts and celebrate the different cultures in our region.

A young performer on stage, singing
People walking through a field
Two volunteers collecting rubbish

Environment & Heritage

To support projects and organisations that preserve and promote the physical and cultural heritage of our region and that protect and enhance the environment in which we live.

Service Title
Project Grants

Projects are time bound, one-off activities that have a specific budget.

Service Title
Programme Grants

Programme grants help kickstart a new service or series of events that are part of the bigger picture of what the organisation does.

Service Title
Operational Grants

Operational grants usually go to organisations that deliver social services directly to the community and whose social outcomes are measurable.

Service Title
Central Lakes Art Support Scheme (CLASS)

These grants are administered by the four Community Arts Councils in the Central Lakes Trust region to increase, at a local level, both participation in the arts and the diversity of arts available to the community.

Service Title
Central Lakes Trust Scholarship Fund

CLT offers tertiary scholarships to students looking to commence their first year of full-time study.

Service Title
Emergency Preparedness Kit Fund

Central Lakes Trust supports the installation of emergency preparedness kits in our local communities.

Grant types

Making our community a better place.

As one of the largest philanthropic trusts per capita in the Southern Hemisphere, we support charitable projects throughout our region to enhance the community and the lives of the people within.

The Central Lakes Trust office building in Cromwell
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