• Value - $2,500

Opening dates for applications – 1 June 2018 (Date TBC each year)
Closing Dates for applications – July 2018 (Date TBC each year)

We offer scholarships to individuals wishing to commence their first year of a full time tertiary study following Year 13, to further their education in New Zealand or overseas. Scholarships are awarded through the five High Schools in the Central Lakes Trust region. Principals from each of the school determine the outcome of the scholarships based on an agreed criteria. The allocation for each school is based on the Year 13 roll.

Additionally there is funding available to students who come from the CLT region who attend schools outside the region, and those who are home schooled inside the region. These applications must be sent directly to Central Lakes Trust by the closing date, and decisions will be made by CLT.   

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"Having just completed my first semester at University of Otago I would like to say an extremely warm thank you to you for the Tertiary Education Scholarship that I received earlier this year. 

I am studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and am loving it so far! Between my studies, immersing myself in the student life at Unicol and working part time at Unipol (the University gym) I am kept very busy. 

I am very appreciative of being able to put my scholarship towards the cost of my hall and it has helped me out immensely." 

- Stella Keown