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Other Funders

We are privileged to be able to support hundreds of community projects every year benefitting thousands of people who live in the Central Lakes region.

We are not alone. Below is a list of other funders in our region who also contribute to causes. This list provides a good starting point when looking for funding support for your organisation.

A.A.W Jones Trust

Aotearoa Gaming Trust

Gaming Trust

Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation

Gaming Trust

Bob Turnbull Trust (Ophir and Omakau)

CODC Creative Communities (for Creative NZ)

Judith Whyte

Community Trust Southland

Dianne Williams

Dept. Internal Affairs Dunedin (Lotteries/COGS)

Rachael Thomas

Dept. Internal Affairs Southland (Lotteries/COGS)

Meggy Bartlett-McBride

Digital search facility for funding

*givUS & givME

Graham & Olive West Charitable Trust

Application forms available from QLDC and Wanaka library.

Alistair King (WHK, Wanaka)

I & H MacPhail Community Trust (Teviot Valley)

C/O Perpetual Guardian Trust

Ida MacDonald Charitable Trust (Teviot Valley)

C/O Checketts McKay Lawyers, 125 Scotland St, Roxburgh

Jasmine Arts & Cultural Charitable Trust

Ministry of Social Development

NZ Community Trust

Gaming Trust

Otago Community Trust

Sue Stewart

Otago Regional Council Eco Fund

Russell Henderson Community Trust (Dunstan Valley)

C/O Perpetual Guardian Trust

The Callis Charitable Trust

Brian Lloyd

The Trusts Community Foundation

Gaming Trust

Philanthropy in New Zealand

Philanthropy in New Zealand is made up of personal giving, statutory trusts and foundations, voluntary trusts and foundations, and business giving.

Perpetual Guardian manages a large number of charitable trusts. Grants currently open and upcoming can be viewed here:

Where else might I get funding assistance from?

Another avenue to consider is Generosity New Zealand.

This service is free to use at public libraries. This service collects and distributes information about funding by way of three separate searchable computer databases:

  1. givME (formerly BreakOut) offers access to more than 4,000 scholarships and grants for individuals.

  2. givUS (formerly FundView) lists more than 1,200 resource schemes for communities, volunteer organisations and clubs.

  3. givER (formerly CorporateCitizens) connects businesses with community groups to achieve positive social impacts.


Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. There are hundreds of crowdfunding sites worldwide, and not all of them are open to New Zealand-based projects. Depending on what you’re looking to fund, here are a few of the popular options to consider for New Zealand / Otago based projects. 


Boosted was founded in 2013 in Auckland, it provides the platform to bring artists together with potential donors. Boosted also provides learning opportunities for those in the arts community to help them be more effective around their fundraising efforts. It is backed by the Arts Foundation, New Zealand’s leading arts philanthropic organisation.


Givealittle was founded in 2009 and in 2012 was acquired by the Spark Foundation. It is dedicated to connecting New Zealand causes with generous online donors.


PledgeMe helps Kiwis fund projects, through crowdfunding campaigns. Project campaigns enable anyone to turn an idea into reality by posting a project campaign and asking their crowd for support. If the campaign meets its target, the project is funded and the pledges are rewarded.

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