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Central Lakes Trust provides funding to charitable causes within the central lakes region.

Through our funding we support a wide variety of initiatives, including community projects, events, local facility development, and more. Our goal is to create strong and vibrant communities for people of all ages and abilities. 

Central Lakes Trust map

Our funding region

Our expansive region sweeps from the northern reaches of Makarora down to the southern point of Raes Junction, spanning the breadth from the tranquil town of St Bathans all the way to the picturesque enclave of Glenorchy.

If your organisation is based outside of our region, we may still consider your application if it will provide direct benefit to our region's community.

Click here to view the detailed map on Google, or contact the grants team for further information:

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Our funding criteria

  • Central Lakes Trust is a charitable trust that grant funds for charitable purposes within the Central Lakes district. The district comprises the area bestowed by its original benefactor; the Otago Central Electric Power Trust, throughout parts of both Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes District.

    If your organisation is based outside of our region, we may still consider your application if it will provide direct benefit to our region's community.

    Please contact the grants team for further information.

    • Regional Council/ Territorial Local Authority

    • Registered Public/ State Learning Provider

    • Registered with Charities Services.

    • The relief of poverty

    • The advancement of education

    • Other purposes beneficial to the community.


    If you are unsure about the eligibility of your application, please contact the the grants team for further information:

  • Environment and Heritage

    Supporting projects and organisations that preserve and promote the physical and cultural heritage of our region and those that protect and enhance the our environment.

    Arts and Culture

    Supporting creative projects and organisations that aim to foster access to, engagement with and experience in the arts.

    Community Recreation

    Supporting organisations that encourage and facilitate community involvement in recreational activities.

    Community Wellbeing

    To support and strengthen community organisations which address social problems or improve health outcomes for the people in our region.

    Lifelong Learning

    To support projects and programmes that facilitate improved learning outcomes for people in our region by adding value to the sector, with a focus on community development and lifelong learning.

Project Grants

Project Grants

Projects are time bound, one-off activities that have a specific budget.

Programme Grants

Programme Grants

Programme grants help kickstart a new service or series of events that are part of the bigger picture of what the organisation does.

Operational Grants

Operational Grants

Operational grants usually go to organisations that deliver social services directly to the community and whose social outcomes are measurable.

Central Lakes Art Support Scheme (CLASS)

Central Lakes Art Support Scheme (CLASS)

These grants are administered by the four Community Arts Councils in the Central Lakes Trust region to increase, at a local level, both participation in the arts and the diversity of arts available to the community.

Central Lakes Trust Scholarship Fund

Central Lakes Trust Scholarship Fund

Since 2007, Central Lakes Trust (CLT) has awarded Tertiary Education Scholarships annually to five partner schools in its region.

Emergency Preparedness Kit Fund

Emergency Preparedness Kit Fund

Central Lakes Trust supports the installation of emergency preparedness kits in our local communities.

Grant types

What we don't fund

CLT is not able to support certain activities, including:

  • Individuals, except by way of the annual Central Lakes Trust Tertiary Scholarship Programme

  • Projects or services that do not meet charitable criteria

  • Seeding investments for businesses

  • Political organisations or lobby groups

  • Advocacy

  • Funding of business case or feasibility studies for any projects

  • Individual project feasibility studies and pre-project professional workshops

  • Community consultation forums e.g. planning workshops

  • Equipment and IT infrastructure where there is no community benefit

  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment

  • Seismic strengthening of council-owned buildings

  • Seismic strengthening of churches that have not demonstrated wide community use and access, and/or heritage buildings other than those with a category one or two rating

  • Any repair cost considered to be deferred maintenance or that should otherwise be included in a maintenance plan

  • Facilities for delivery of core education and health services that CLT deems should be covered by government funding allocation

  • Projects where local or central government would be the natural source of funding

  • Commercial organisations or commercial events

  • Repayment of debt

  • Retrospective projects i.e. completed projects or projects that have already commenced

  • Operational costs of Territorial Authorities and Central Government

  • Endowments

  • Elite sports or activities

  • The GST component of costs for GST-registered organisations

  • Fundraising events

  • An organisation's project that generates funds which are distributed to a third party

  • Direct fundraising costs, e.g. purchase of materials or items for resale.

  • Sponsorships.


If you are uncertain about whether your project will be eligible or not, please give our grants team a call.

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