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CLT invests $75,000 to boost community capacity and governance

A new Central Lakes Trust (CLT) initiative will strengthen community groups in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes. Provisionally called “The Lighthouse Project”, this is a collective impact initiative that will provide a knowledge hub, grow good governance, build capacity, and provide technological and administrative support. The Trust has awarded $75,000 for this financial year to get the project underway.

Mat Begg, CLT Grants Manager and one of the key drivers behind this initiative, is excited by the opportunities that this grant will afford community groups and organisations.

“Many community groups and organisations face the same key challenges with regard to capacity and capability. In 2021 a working group was established to collate these needs, have conversations around possible solutions, and investigate other models around New Zealand that have the same kaupapa (aim). This project is the result of all our findings and will be further developed and implemented over the next three years.” Delivery of this programme will be in conjunction with Volunteer South as many of the aspirations of the programme aligns closely with that organisation’s objectives.

CLT also awarded $155,000 to the Salvation Army to deliver their invaluable services in the region. Since 2006 the Trust has been supporting Salvation Army services which range from practical programmes such as teaching life skills and budgeting to crisis support in the form of food banks, emergency housing, mental health and addiction services.

Andrew Wilson – Director of the Community Ministries in Queenstown said “Times are tough across the region. Recovering from Covid is not so easy for some and it's The Salvation Army's mission to be there for those who need us most. The Salvation Army is incredibly grateful for the continual support we receive through the Central Lakes Trust. Whether it's funding our community garden in Alexandra, our financial mentoring in Queenstown, our positive life programme in Wānaka and everything in-between, the Central Lakes Trust has been right there with us. It is through this support we can dynamically tailor our support to the ever evolving landscape of our communities and for that, we say a big thank you!”

Barbara Bridger, CLT Chief Executive of, acknowledges the importance of supporting this organisation: “We are proud to stand alongside the Salvation Army and support the invaluable work they do in our region. Their steadfast commitment to providing vital services and assistance to those in need is truly inspiring. We are privileged to collaborate with such a compassionate organisation.”

The Trust awarded a total of $613,074 to 17 charity groups and projects at the meeting held in June. In addition to those mentioned above, other grants include $50,000 to Uruuruwhenua Hauora to deliver programmes that meet Māori-specific needs throughout Central Otago, as well as $80,000 to Te Kura O Take Kārara for the further development of their shared outdoor playground.


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