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Charitable causes receive $741,495 boost

Central Lakes Trust (CLT) recently approved $741,495 to charitable causes in their funding region.

Among the ten grants approved was $45,290 granted to MINT Charitable Trust to run their weekly programmes, community events and volunteer programme.

“At MINT, we believe that disability is not a limit,” says Charlotte Jackson, Programme Manager for MINT. “We are committed to working with individuals and families to build a community of acceptance, where everyone can thrive and contribute.”

MINT works with other organisations such as QLDC Sports, Wānaka Community Workshop and Kahu Youth to deliver these programmes within the community.

“These adapted programmes enhance connection and a sense of belonging, support skill development and improve physical and mental wellbeing for those with intellectual disabilities,” says Jackson.

$30,000 was also granted to Mountainbikers of Alexandra Inc towards the creation of pump track at the bike park in Alexandra.

“A pump track is great way to improve technical skills,” says committee member Craig Ross. “Unlike a regular bike track, you build up speed by using the rollers and banked turns on the track, not by pedalling.”

Pump tracks serve a wide user group as they can also be ridden with any type of bicycle as well as skateboards, scooters, inline skates and other sports equipment with wheels and rollers.

“By adding the pump track to the existing facilities at the bike park will create a real community asset not only for locals but also visitors to the area,” adds Ross.

This funding round closed out CLT’s 2023/24 financial year with a total of $8,737,686 grants approved. At its board meeting held on 11 March 2024, CLT set its grants budget for the 2024/25 financial year, commencing 1 April 2024, at $10.9 million.

“In an economy where everyone feeling the pinch we are very thankful that our prudent investment strategy enables us to maintain a healthy grants budget,” says Linda Robertson, Chair of CLT. “It is a privilege supporting the many organisations in our region that work to make our community a better place.”


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