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Acknowledging your grant

We love to hear what our community achieves as a result of receiving Central Lakes Trust funding.

Here are a few ways in which you can acknowledge your grant and help us tell the world about your mahi!

1. Include our logo

You can use our logo in any collateral you produce to promote your project, service or event. Some examples include printed collateral like flyers and posters, newspaper advertisements, email signature, signage, branded clothing and more.


Download our logos from this page, or email our Communications and Marketing Coordinator for other file types. 

Please ensure that you follow our branding guidelines when using our logo.

2. Use our branded gear

We have teardrop flags, pull-up banners, and corflute signs that you can use at events and functions. Email our Communications and Marketing Coordinator to arrange the use of these. 

3. Like us on social media

We are on Facebook and Instagram - so like, follow, and share our posts to show your support. You can also follow us on Linkedin to keep up to date with what's happening in our community.

4. Mention our support

Whether you're publishing a media release, posting on social media, recording radio advertising, or putting an ad in the paper, feel free to mention us. If you're after a quote, get in touch.

5. Share your photos

We love to see how it all went during an event, opening of an amenity, or running of a programme we helped fund. Send us any photos you have by email so we can share them with the team, on social media, and on our website.

6. Community stories

Behind every grant is a story and we love to hear about and share the great work you are doing with our funding. Check out our Grantee Stories page

If you would like us to tell your organisation’s story and the great work you are doing for and on behalf of your community contact our Communications & Marketing Coordinator.

7. Media releases

After the announcement of your grant, please get in touch with our Communications & Marketing Coordinator about any media activities in relation to the grant. This can include writing articles, giving interviews or publishing media releases which refer to important stages in your project, such as milestones, events, awards.

We may be able to provide extra support and help in creating newsworthy events and ideas, so please get in touch with our Communications & Marketing Coordinator.

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