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Central Lakes Art Support Scheme (CLASS)

These grants are administered by the four Community Arts Councils in the Central Lakes Trust region to increase, at a local level, both participation in the arts and the diversity of arts available to the community.

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Central Lakes Trust Scholarship Fund

Since 2007, Central Lakes Trust (CLT) has awarded Tertiary Education Scholarships annually to five partner schools in its region.

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Emergency Preparedness Kit Fund

Central Lakes Trust supports the installation of emergency preparedness kits in our local communities.

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Operational Grants

Operational grants usually go to organisations that deliver social services directly to the community and whose social outcomes are measurable.

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Programme Grants

Programme grants help kickstart a new service or series of events that are part of the bigger picture of what the organisation does.

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Project Grants

Projects are time bound, one-off activities that have a specific budget.

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