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Arasan NZ Trust

The Arasan Foundation Trust supports migrants from South Asia to settle well in New Zealand. There is evidence that suggests that lifestyle changes, changes in diet, and the change in family structure from a joint family to a nuclear family unit may negatively impact the physical and mental health of t some migrants arriving in New Zealand.

To address this challenge, the Arasan NZ Trust held the first Queenstown Lakes Subcontinental Community Cricket Festival on 22 and 23 October 2022. Sport has been shown to improve mental and physical health while offering a natural opportunity for people to come together and participate in community and social life.

The festival had two days of cricket matches played in and around Queenstown, as well as a Community Gathering Cultural Evening featuring cultural performances and other family-friendly activities.

The Queenstown Lakes Subcontinental Community Festival, with its emphasis on health, social cohesion, and cultural wellbeing, successfully brought together South Asian communities and the wider public in a spirit of inclusivity and celebration. By fostering a sense of community and empowering the youth, Arasan NZ Trust aims to make a significant impact in promoting the overall wellbeing of South Asian communities in New Zealand.


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