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Central Lakes Trust (CLT) awards $125,000 in scholarships

Fifty students from five secondary schools were presented scholarships at an official awards function held in Cromwell on 24 October. The scholarships, valued at $2,500 each, aim to assist students in further education beyond secondary school.

Central Lakes Trust (CLT) awarded eleven vocational scholarships, 30 tertiary scholarships, and nine Pioneer Energy science and technology scholarships.

"We're delighted to support our region’s young people in pursuing further education,” says Linda Robertson, CLT Chair. “Over the past 17 years, we've provided 684 rangatahi with tertiary scholarships to the total value of $1,676,500,"

Students from the five high schools in the CLT region could apply through their school. The selection process took into account factors such as the applicant’s academic record, overall qualities and achievements.

“Success doesn’t come from academic results only. By looking at the students’ overall achievements we can award students who display excellence in all areas of life,” Ms Robertson says. “Each of the 50 recipients are highly deserving of these scholarships, and we wish them all the best for their future.”

In addition to the 50 scholarships awarded by CLT, local engineering firm Meyer Cruden also awarded two scholarships to Angus Drinnan and Leo Wiltshire from Cromwell College for further studies in engineering.

“We have been awarding these scholarships since 2015,” says Carl Meyer, director of Meyer Cruden. “We feel very privileged that we are able to invest in our young people.”

William Pike was the guest speaker at the function. After nearly losing his life in a volcanic eruption on Mt. Ruapehu, William’s passion for the outdoors, education, and seeing life’s challenges as opportunities has made him an inspiration to all he meets.

“William didn’t tell us his stories, he relived them,” says Ms Robertson. “His presentation was filled with relatable messages that challenged the audience to step outside our comfort zones to achieve the extraordinary. We hope that our scholars take this mindset with them as they embark on the next chapter in their lives.”

The successful recipients in order by school, are:


Connor Boslem Vocational Scholarship

Angus Drinnan Tertiary Scholarship

Kaia Hutchinson PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Grace Naylor General Tertiary Scholarship

Leo Wiltshire Academic Tertiary Scholarship


Emily Attfield Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Kohan Carden General Tertiary Scholarship

Jake Chambers Vocational Scholarship

Sofia Druce Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Claudia Hammond General Tertiary Scholarship

Brooklyn Harrington PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Raff Love Vocational Scholarship

Molly Mason-Galletly General Tertiary Scholarship

Isla Redgrave Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Emily Templeton General Tertiary Scholarship

Ashlea West PEL Science & Technology Scholarship


Lily Ashe Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Thomas Benson General Tertiary Scholarship

Melia Brett Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Jeremy Curtis Vocational Scholarship

Tayla Doran General Tertiary Scholarship

Jackson Duguid Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Bradley Gendall PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Milly Lewis Vocational Scholarship

Hazel Murray General Tertiary Scholarship

Kalan Nichol Vocational Scholarship

Samuel Parry PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Isabella Soper General Tertiary Scholarship

Jessie Winter Academic Tertiary Scholarship


Luke McKerchar PEL Science & Technology Scholarship


Evie Barlow Vocational Scholarship

Azaria Briscoe PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Billie Carey General Tertiary Scholarship

Elise Edmonds Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Sammy Fookes PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Emily Gilbert Vocational Scholarship

Maisie Grufferty General Tertiary Scholarship

Greta Jones Vocational Scholarship

Olivia Key Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Marley King Smith General Tertiary Scholarship

Zara Mackley General Tertiary Scholarship

Madi McLean General Tertiary Scholarship

Paige Morrison Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Charlotte Muir Vocational Scholarship

Ayla Nakayama General Tertiary Scholarship

Ruby Rose Academic Tertiary Scholarship

Lucy Sinclair General Tertiary Scholarship

Jack Speedy General Tertiary Scholarship

Rochelle Tickle Vocational Scholarship

Mia Tucker PEL Science & Technology Scholarship

Photos by Clare Toia-Bailey, image-central


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