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CLT joins Climate Action Aotearoa (CAA) towards a greener tomorrow

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In a momentous step towards fostering a sustainable and equitable future, Central Lakes Trust (CLT) has joined hands with other funders across New Zealand in signing the Funders Commitment on Climate Action. This collective initiative, spearheaded by Climate Action Aotearoa (CAA), presents an opportunity for philanthropy to reimagine its practices and contribute towards the advancement of a thriving and tika (just) world.

CAA serves as a catalyst for transformative change, providing a platform for funders to align their efforts towards addressing the pressing climate crisis. By signing the commitment, CLT and other funders commit to responsibly investing in a just transition towards a green, low-carbon society.

This commitment resonates deeply with CLT's core values and vision for the future. As a philanthropic organisation dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of communities in Central Otago, we recognise the imperative of taking bold action to mitigate the impacts of climate change and promote environmental sustainability.


Central Lakes Trust commits to:

01 Reflecting Te Tiriti o Waitangi and supporting Māori aspirations regarding climate action

We commit to the spirit of partnership with Iwi, Hapū / Māori to address the causes and impacts of climate change. We will seek to enable Māori aspirations and recognise mātauranga Māori in climate action, respecting whakapapa, tino rangatiratanga, rite tahi (equity) and kaitiakitanga.

02 An equitable transition

We will take action on how we invest and fund, to enable greater equity in the transition to a low carbon society. We will support initiatives that foster equitable transition, and we will support vulnerable communities burdened by the impacts arising from the transition.

03 Enable leadership

We will support and grow the leadership in our communities, especially in tangata whenua, rangatahi and marginalised communities to accelerate an equitable transition. We will actively support community-led action and systems change to enable an equitable transition.

04 Commit and share resources

We will take opportunities to contribute to and support mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts. We will commit resources to accelerate work addressing the causes and impacts of climate change and identify opportunities to co-fund initiatives.

05 Learn and grow

We will create opportunities for our trustees, staff and communities to learn more about climate change causes, impacts and solutions, including through mātauranga Māori. We will share opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills needed to act.

06 Decarbonise our investments and operations

We will take action to minimise the carbon footprint of our own operations. We will proactively address the risks and opportunities of the transition to a low carbon society in our investment strategies.

07 Report on progress

We will report annually on our progress against the commitments listed above. We will continue to develop our practice, to learn from others, and to share our learning.



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