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In 2007 the inaugural Central Lakes Trust Scholarship programme commenced. 25 applications were received, 13 scholarships valued at $2,000 were awarded for the 2008 year. Since 2007 the programme has evolved and grown. Now, 50 students from all five secondary schools in the district are awarded $2,500 each for further education each year. In 2019 Pioneer Energy came on board with Science & Technology Scholarships, and in 2020 Vocational Scholarships which specifically recognise vocational knowledge and skills required for our future workforce have been introduced. In the 14 years the initiative has been running, 584 young people have been assisted, and $1,301,500 granted.

In September 2007 the Trust submitted registration for charitable status to the Charities Commission and was registered on 29 May 2008.

Over 2007 and 2008, $2.1 million was granted to support an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiative for all schools throughout our region. The initiative was to develop a high- quality e-learning environment for all 25 schools in the Central Lakes Trust region. The programme went on to support a professional development programme for teachers.


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