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The Swim School programme commenced in 2013 as a joint initiative between Central Lakes Trust, Sport Otago, CODC, QLDC and the schools in the Central Lakes Trust region. The aim was to improve each child’s confidence and ability to survive in the water by providing primary school children throughout the Central Lakes Trust region 10 swimming lessons annually. Over time it has transitioned from traditional swimming strokes to the Water Safe NZ, Water Skills for Life syllabus, and continues to this day. Since the programme commenced in 2013, 29,993 students have received 234,670 swimming lessons.

With the stepping down of Sir Eion Edgar (chair) and Graeme Bell (deputy chair), having both served their maximum of three terms, or nine years, trustee elections took place in November seeing the four incumbent trustees return for a further term, with the addition of Cath Gilmour and Tim Cadogan as new trustees. Dr Malcolm Macpherson became chair of the Trust.

L to R: Bernice Lepper, Greg Wilkinson, Malcolm Macpherson (chair), Cath Gilmour, Alex Huffadine, Tim Cadogan


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