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For the first time in CLT's history, the Trust was oversubscribed, seeing a 60% increase in both the number of grants (from 95 to 152) given out and the level of funds required to support the community. With the extreme growth and changes in the population demographic, the needs of the community had changed.

The board spent considerable time reaffirming funding principles and considering grants distribution policies to ensure there is balance between the here and now (giving back to the community) and the long-term (funds in reserve).

Hetty Van Hale was appointed on 1 December 2018 as the third appointed trustee to the board of Central Lakes Trust. Each appointed trustee has a term of three years, as do the elected trustees.

Trustees 2018 – 2019 L to R: Tony Hill, Bernice Lepper, Michael Sidey, Malcolm Macpherson, Linda Robertson (chair), Cath Gilmour, Greg Wilkinson, Hetty Van Hale, Alex Huffadine.


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