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CLT’s largest ever grant of $11.15 million over five years was granted to link Central Otago’s Great Rides to create 536km of trail network, linking the four existing rides, the Queenstown Trail, the Otago Central Rail Trail, the Roxburgh Gorge Trail, and the Clutha Gold Trail, creating one the of the largest continuous trail networks in the world, in some very special landscapes. Delayed only slightly by COVID-19, the Lake Dunstan Cycle Trail was completed in early 2021.

The project, estimated to cost $26.3m, with government support secured for $13.15m, was announced at a function held in Carrick Winery in May 2016, which was attended by the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John Key.

The prime minister’s announcement of government support to link Central Otago’s great rides - Carrick Winery 2016

L to R: Bernice Lepper, Jennifer Gillan, Moy Sainsbury, Sir Eion Edgar, Susan Finlay, Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John Key, Alex Huffadine, Jackie Dean, Paul Allison, Greg Wilkinson.'

Trustees 2016 – 2017 L to R: Bernice Lepper, Malcolm Macpherson, Alex Huffadine, Tony Hill (chair), Greg Wilkinson, Cath Gilmour

Recognising the diversification of its portfolio of investment, Pioneer Generation changed its name to Pioneer Energy Limited in January 2016.

In 2016, Tim Cadogan was elected as mayor of Central Otago, stepping down from the Trust after two terms, elected in his place was Tony Hill. As part of that 2016 election the community voted on a referendum to allow the Trust to appoint three trustees to the board, changing the board’s composition from six elected representatives to five. The appointed trustees are to enhance the composition of the Trust, ensuring it can recruit for the specialist skills and knowledge it needs, while sustaining majority elected community representation, and greater continuity at a governance-level.


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